After last week's shocking elimination of Rachel Crow, it's down to the final four. Marcus Canty, Chris Rene, Melania Amaro and Josh Krajcik sang 2 songs, one chosen by viewers and one by their mentors. So who stole the show?

  • Marcus Canty

    'I'll Make Love To You' Boys II Men

    Marcus Canty, who has escaped elimination three times, kicked off the night with Boys II Men. It was good, but was it good enough?

  • Marcus Canty Song 2

    'Careless Whisper' by Wham

    Marcus' second song came from Wham and according to Simon Cowell, was the worst thing he'd seen. He even asked if it was a joke. It wasn't that bad, but it wasn't good enough to send him to the finals. I'll be shocked if he makes it through another week.

  • Chris Rene

    'Fly' by Sugar Ray

    Chris Rene, who has a personality as big as his voice and gave the best performance of the night last week, delivered a great performance. Although Simon wasn't all that impressed.

  • Chris Rene Song 2

    'No One' by Alica Keys

    Chris redeemed himself to Simon with his second song. He may not be the best singer left in the competition, but his likability factor should have him in the finals next week. And he could be the dark horse in the competition. Keep your eye on Chris.

  • Melanie Amaro

    'Hero' by Mariah Carey

    One of the best voices in the competition comes from Melanie Amaro, the girl Simon Cowell almost let get away. He cut her in the early rounds of the show, but brought her back when he realized his mistake. And good thing he did. This gal could out sing Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey and anyone else you put up against her. She killed it!

  • Melanie Amaro Song 2

    'Feeling Good' by Michael Buble

    How do you top a Mariah Carey song? By getting down and dirty with Michael Buble's 'Feeling Good.' If Melanie doesn't sail through to the finals, I'll be shocked. She's been my early pick as the winner.

  • Josh Krajcik

    'Come Together' by The Beatles

    Josh Krajcik is the rocker of the group with a lot of soul. I'm not a Beatles fan but after Josh's version of 'Come Together' I changed my mind. Well, I'm a fan of Josh anyway. Perfect song choice!

  • Josh Krajcik Song 2

    'Hallelujah' by Leonard Cohen

    The moment of the night came when Josh slowed it down for his second song and delivered a moving performance of 'Hallelujah' at the piano. Simon even admitted, he deserved a place in the finals