My daughter became a member of the National Honor Society at Clinton High School. As Tad and I pulled into the school parking lot to attend the ceremony, we saw her getting out of the vehicle. So we drove up behind her and rolled down the window so Tad could yell out 'Hey baby, going my way?'  That's when ANOTHER teenaged girl, talking on her cell phone, turned around.  My daughter was actually about 10 feet ahead of the other girl. As I laughed, Tad apologized profusely.

Talk about a bad case of mistaken identity.  It's a good thing I was in the car or my husband may have been arrested.

Have you ever opened your mouth and inserted foot?

Here's the big moment. Congrats Shayna. I couldn't have been more proud. I just wonder where she got her brains from. It certainly wasn't from her parents.