I was thinking the other day about words. We certainly say a lot of words on Big Frog 104, and our personal choice of words may indicate our age. So, during these "Frog Days of Fall", when the sun sets a little earlier every night, I had some time to think about words.

Maybe the words we use don't indicate that we're getting older, but maybe that we're just from a different generation. My mother still uses words that I never do, and that's because she's from another generation, when different words were used in everyday conversation.

So, you may be from an older generation if you:

1. say davenport instead of couch

2. say sweeper instead of vacuum cleaner

3. say on the line instead of online

4. say tape a TV show instead of DVR it

5. say cell-a-phone (like cellophane) instead of cell phone (I know someone who says it that way)

6. say stereo instead of music system

7. say Victrola instead of stereo (wow, that goes back a way)

8. say groovy instead of cool

9. say that's a gas instead of that's hot

10. say beats me instead of whatever