This will by 5th Wild West Frogfest and Rodeo, starring Rodney Atkins, so I thought maybe my favorite moments might be more appropriate than memories.  My very first Frogfest was in 2008 with Mark Chesnutt.  And it was my first weekend at Big Frog 104.

Mark Chesnutt Frogfest 2007

Seeing how it was the first weekend I was blown away by all the preparation and behind the scenes.  Not to take anything away from Mark's show, but I just couldn't believe all the planning that went into the actual event.

Josh Gracin Frogfest 2008

There are a lot of moments at this show.  Standing on stage before Josh went on, the sheer number of people in attendance blew me away.  It was the most people I had ever seen while standing on stage.  During the show when Josh changed shirts and appeared suddenly out of nowhere in the midst of the crowd was another great moment.  But the topper of the day for me, was the bosses' husband.  When it was all over, he said "That was the greatest Frogfest ever.  I don't know how you'll ever top it."

Keith Anderson Frogfest 2009

Again not taking anything away from Keith's show, but the moments I remember are, everyone staying throughout a rainy miserable day and Big Vinnie from Trailer Choir.  While it wasn't their first show at Frogfest, it was the first time I was standing by the stage when he dove to do the worm.  I could not believe the elevation that guy got!  That Frogfest ended with Keith's bus stuck backstage and a two hour wait for the tow truck.

Josh Turner Frogfest 2010

Wow!  That's my first thought about last year and it started at 5 a.m.  We usually arrive that early to prepare for the day and already there was a line stretching farther than you could see.  And right in the middle was Josh Turner's trailer truck with all the equipment.  Everything was pretty uneventful until right before Josh was scheduled to take the stage.  Someone brings over an iPhone with the weather radar pulled up.  Right on the western end of Oneida Lake is a HUGE orange ball headed right for Verona Beach.  So we had to decide, put Josh on and when the storm arrives the show is over or wait until the storm passes and hope we have enough time for a show.  We chose the latter and put the show on hold.  By the way that's the largest group of people that have ever booed me, I hope it's a record that stands.  And what has to be my favorite moment of any Frogfest to date, Josh's Turner show open.  Do you remember it?  They did Google Earth and kept hitting magnify until it zeroed in on Verona Beach.  I had goose bumps.

Those are some of my favorite moments from Frogfest.  What are yours?

Frog Fest and Rodeo:  Saturday June 18, 12pm at the Herkimer County Fairgrounds, 135 Cemetery Road, Frankfort.  Tickets $18, purchase at the gate, any area Price Chopper, at the Townsquare Media studios at 9418 River Road in Marcy and online here.