If you watch Celebrity Apprentice All Stars, you know how funny Trace Adkins is. There isn't an episode I don't have to pause because I'm laughing so hard at something Trace said, I can't hear what comes next.  Which is why I think Trace Adkins should have his own show.  He doesn't say much, but when he does, its so funny.  If the Kardashian's and the Jersey Shore kids can have their own show, Trace should be a shoe in.

Trace Quotes

Some of the more memorable moments on Celebrity Apprentice were:

Trace's shopping lesson: 'This is how men shop.  There are over a million items in this store.  I know what I need. Do you have a putting green? Yes. I'll take it.  Do you have a putting device?  I'll take that one. Do you have balls in your establishment? Give me three.  Goodbye. That's how you shop. That's for free.'

Trace on a talking fridge: 'I want mine to just say go away you're too fat. I thought you were on a diet.  The ice cream is not for you fat a**.'

Video Clips

Here's more clips from Celebrity Apprentice All Stars.  From finding his inner Fred Flinstone to making fun of Stephen Baldwins idea that's 'a mouth full of crap.'

Celebrity Apprentice - Backstreet Boys

The final task with The Back Street Boys on Trace's first season of Celebrity Apprentice was also a classic.  Especially when the band asked Trace for wheat grass and black nail polish.  See his response.


If you follow Trace on Twitter, you've also seen bits of his dry humor.



He even tweeted a picture of his bare behind before heading into surgery last February and him recording his new album, naked.


Lucky for Trace, his wife has a sense of humor too, tweeting a picture of his Superman underwear.


Trace made the Top 5 funniest men in country music with Blake Shelton and Brad Paisley.  I think Trace may give Blake a run for his money on the funniest and should have his own show.  I'd watch it and laugh every time.

It's not like Trace is a stranger to acting.  He's done numerous videos, starred in several movies and television shows, including The Lincoln Lawyer with Matthew McConaughey and King of the Hill.

Trace is not only funny, he's smart too.  Most of the ideas on both seasons of Celebrity Apprentice come from him.  It's no wonder he's had a successful career.

Join me in the push to get Trace his own show.  He could give Duck Dynasty a run for their money.