Nature is a funny one sometimes.  I came home to find this reptile at the front door, actually it couldn't make it up the steps, but it was still in an odd place.  It's a snapping turtle I believe.  Click to check out the video and see if you agree.

Of note first, I take horrible pictures but as fuzzy as it is, that definitely appears to be a snapping turtle or as it is technically known, Chelydridae.  The weirdest part is I live 6 inches (exaggeration) off Route 5 without a body of water within walking distance. Especially if you are a turtle.

It has freshly mowed grass stuck to the back of the shell, so it hasn't been there long. He's not dead either, a gentle bump with the foot makes it hiss.  After going in the house, letting the dog out the other door and feeding the cat, I returned for more investigation.  It's gone and no where in sight.  Turtles are slow, how far could it have gotten?

What do you think?  Is it a snapping turtle?  How did it get there?  Offer any clues below.