Tadpole has been home, dealing with a fever and bad cough all week and he's milking it for all he's worth.  Why is it when men get sick they are such babies?  There's moaning, groaning, and whining like its the end of the world.  My favorite line of the week was 'This is worse than childbirth.'  Sure it is.  Sometimes I wish men could have a baby to see what it feels like.  Apparently Tadpole isn't the only over exaggerator when he's sick.  Our Facebook fans know a few sick babies too.


One listener agrees.  Men are babies when they are sick

Another listener shared a running joke in her family

It's not all men who are babies.  One listener called to rat out his sister in-law.

I just hope all those coughed up germs at our house don't make me sick!  But it they do, I'll take it like a man, or should I say woman.