When you go on  vacation, you try to get away from it all. Well, last week when my wife and I were on vacation look who we bumped into...a frog! (Talk about "Frog Days Of Summer") Want to know where you can see mile-deep river gorges, breathtaking mountains and rock formations, volcanoes  and even get in touch with the spirit world? Where is this mystery location?

We spent a fantastic week in Sedona, Arizona. What a beautiful city surrounded by spectacular red rock formations as far as the eye can see. We also ventured out a few miles to see the awesome Grand Canyon, Monument Valley and Hopi Indian Village.

Now the spiritual part. Sedona is known for vortex locations; places in the midst of the red rock formations where's there's mysterious spiritual energy, as well as an incredible vistas. We visited a few vortex locations and experienced it for ourselves.

Here's a brief video explaining the vortex phenomenon in Sedona, Arizona: