I hope your day starts better than mine.  Imagine, it's 4am and the house is dark, as you leave for work.  You have your coffee, or whatever you drink at that ungodly hour, and your cell phone.  You just need to put on your shoes and grab the keys.  As you head in your bare feet, to your flip flops, you stand in cat poop, covered in cat litter.  In your BARE FEET. 

That's how my morning started and my first thought wasn't anything I can share.  My second was, that poop is there for one of two reason.  A, the dog, who likes to eat cat turd, missed one. Which is highly unlikely.  Or B, it's the cat's way of telling me it's time to change the litter box.

Here's to your day getting off on the right foot, or at least a cat poop free one.  Since mine started by standing in it, I guess it'll end with a trip to the grocery store to buy cat litter.

My Cat Won't Stay Out of the Christmas Tree [VIDEO]

How to keep your cat our of the Christmas tree, that is the question? Smokey isn't interested so much in the tree,as the ornaments that hang from it. We brought the tree in Sunday and let the snow melt off it before we started to decorate.