A Wheel of Fortune contestant lost out on $1 million when he mispronounced the answer to the puzzle. Paul Atkinson landed on the million dollar space on the big wheel, but when he tried to solve, he mumbled and was buzzed as giving the wrong answer. 


If you listen, Paul has trouble with the word CURIO, but it sounds right, just a bit slurred.  I guess when there's a million dollars on the line, you need to be CLEAR. I'm sure he was clear about how upset he was losing all that money.

Johnny Cash Wheel of Fortune Puzzle Stumps Contestant [VIDEO]

Can you solve this Wheel of Fortune puzzle? If you said I Walk the Line by Johnny Cash, you're smarter than the contestant on the show. She must not have been a fan of the Man in Black. Her response...watch and find out. 2012 American Idol Spoiler