What's your favorite car color? During the "Frog Days of Fall", we are still washing our cars, but come winter my car will be so dirty, I won't be able to tell what color it is! As for me, I buy used cars most of the time, so I don't always get the color I prefer. Now, there's a study that indicates today's most popular car colors.

According to information from paint maker PPG Industries in an article on Netscape, these are the top favored colors for 2011 model year cars:

#7 - Green

#6 - Natural

#5 - Blue

#4 - Red

# 3 - Gray

#2 - Black and silver tied

And after 10 years, silver is no longer number one. The new #1  is White!

According to the study, the exterior color of that new car is a very big deal when making a purchase. Approximately 77 percent of those interviewed said that color was a factor in buying a car. So, if you're in the market for a new car, better get your white model before everybody else does!