The next time you slide into the passengers seat of someone's car it might behoove you to ask "What's your sign?".  Allstate insurance did a survey that compared damage claims to zodiac signs and came up with some interesting results. For example, Virgo's are 700% more likely to be in an accident than a Scorpio. The reason? It  could be the personality traits associated with the various signs. Here is a breakdown of the various zodiac signs and their relation to accident frequency.

Sign Birthdates Key personality traits Drivers involved in accidents in 2010
Scorpio Nov. 23-Nov. 28 Passionate, resourceful 26,833
Ophiuchus Nov. 29-Dec. 17 Wise, ambitious, lucky 83,234
Cancer Jul. 21-Aug. 9 Compassion, sensitivity 101,539
Aquarius Feb. 16-Mar. 11 Progressive, independent 106,878
Libra Oct. 31-Nov. 22 Cooperative, gracious 110,592
Aries Apr. 17-May 13 Impatience, determination 112,402
Capricorn Jan. 18-Feb. 15 Responsible, disciplined 128,005
Gemini Jun. 20-Jul. 20 Short attention span, nervous 136,904
Sagittarius Dec. 18-Jan. 17 Impatient, idealistic 154,477
Pisces Mar. 12-Apr. 16 Fearful, overly trusting 172,030
Taurus May 14-Jun. 19 Uncompromising, possessive 177,503
Leo Aug. 10-Sept. 15 Arrogance, inflexibility 179,657
Sept. 16-Oct. 30
Worry, shyness