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Most of us have--or had--a favorite watering hole, a bar where we feel comfortable and the company is amenable. There is, however, such a thing as bar etiquette and whether it's your favorite pub or someplace new there are certain types of behavior you should avoid.

 Yahoo Shine came up with a handy list of things you should never do in your place of good fellowship.

Don’t request off-the-wall drinks another bartender made for you--No matter how talented the bartender is, this is not going to end well. It's pretty tough to recreate a drink for you based on a vague description. Unless you can produce a full recipe, complete with measurements, it's best to try something else.
Don't wave money to get a bartender's attention--It's rude, not to mention that it won't convince a bartender to serve you first. Instead, make eye contact and be patient.
Don't make the bartender pick your drink for you--No one would blame you for enlisting the bartender's help to make a decision. But ultimately, the decision has to be yours. The more info about your likes and dislikes (sweet vs. dry, rocks vs. up, fruity vs. boozy) you can give the bartender, the better he or she can guide you.
Don't insult the bartender's choice of profession.--When chatting with your bartender don't ask questions like "what do you want to do when you grow up?" or "what's your real job?" These types of questions are not only patronizing but presume that bartending is not a real profession or a suitable career, which couldn't be farther from the truth.

(Yahoo Shine)

There is more bar etiquette to familiarize yourself with so before heading off to "5 O'Clock Somewhere" check it out and , remember, drink responsibly.