Hot off the news desk, or should I say cold off the freezer...a new study says that the flavor of ice cream we prefer, says a lot about who we are.

"A bowl of ice cream is more than a mouth watering dessert - your favorite flavor reveals your personality:

  • Butter Pecan -- At work, you're known for being detail-oriented, loyal and conscientious.
  • Vanilla -- You're a saucy adventurer who relies on your gut instinct. You set high goals and do whatever it takes to meet them.
  • Chocolate Chip -- You're a go-getter with a staggering number of accomplishments under your belt. But you never blow your own horn, preferring to count your blessings. Your captivating personality makes you a natural leader among your peers.
  • Chocolate -- You could charm the birds from the trees, and your enthusiasm and creativity add to your allure. You're usually the center of attention in social situations and you bask in the spotlight.
  • Strawberry -- You can be quite shy at times, but you also have a steely backbone and have no problem making your opinions known."