When presented with this question, I though Kenny Chesney or Taylor Swift was probably the answer.  They both sell out stadium shows and sell a ton of cd's.  But according to Forbes it's the guy with a line of restaurants and a brand of tequila.







Toby Keith brings home the most bacon.

His lucrative sponsorship deal with Ford is now in its tenth year. The singer also has a line of restaurants called I Love This Bar & Grill and a Mezcal drink called Wild Shots. That enterprising spirit helped Keith earn $50 million between May 2010 and May 2011.

2.  Taylor Swift isn't exactly waiting 'til Friday to buy anything.  She Brought in 45 mil.

3.  Brad Paisley is no slacker either, he doubled his income from a year ago to 40 million.  A goody does well, you have to like that.

4.  Tim McGraw is next at 35 million, which is a little surprising as he doesn't tour a lot and he and his record label are battling over the release of his new album.  There is the cologne thing.

5.  Rascal Flatts rounds out the top 5, making a mere 34 million.  Boy, split that three ways and you can barely get a decent car.  This number will get bigger next year as the guys have a tour sponsor for the first time.  They assemble there money mostly on their music.

Check out Forbes complete list here.