As we celebrate Thanksgiving, I'm giving thanks for my family.  Even more so this year after my dad got sick.  My dad is Superman.  He never gets sick.  So when he was in the hospital with blood clots in his lungs, it was a reality check in mortality and the scariest time in my life. 

My dad is my biggest fan.  He's been there to teach me how to play baseball.  He's been in the audience for my games, my speeches or my beauty pageants.  I know, hard to believe I'd be in a beauty pageant.  My dad taught me how to drive.  Sorry about hitting that flower pot, by the way.  He was there when I needed a swift kick in the behind and when I needed a shoulder to cry on.  Some say I'm just like my father in a skirt.

Today, I'm thankful someone up above is looking out for my father and he has someone like my mother to stand by his side; in sickness and health.  Hopefully everyone has someone like that in their life and is thankful for them this holiday season.

What are you thankful for?