Has the final two on 'The X-Factor' already been decided?  Front runners, Carly Rose and Tate Stevens continued to shine during diva week.

Westchester teen Carly Rose, took on the diva of all divas with Celine Dion's 'My Heart Will Go On.'  Not only is that a hard song to sing, it's iconic.  It's the Titanic song.  Carly's performance was so good, Demi thought Celine was hiding backstage and really doing the singing and LA Reid admitted what I've been saying since Carly's audition; she could win the whole thing.  How someone who's only 13 years-old can sing like that amazes me every week.

Country man Tate Stevens may give Carly a run for her money.  Not only did he get the most viewer votes last week, putting him on top, but he found his inner diva for Shania Twain's 'From This Moment On.'  Simon Cowell told Tate he'd be happy to write the $5 million winning check out to him.  It hard not to fall in love with the family man who has a great voice.  Win or lose, I think Tate has a great country career ahead of him.

Soul man Vino Alan, who placed third last week, also stood out with Al Green's 'Let's Stay Together.'  His raspy, soulful voice is so unique, it allows him to stand out from everyone else in the competition.  I look forward to hearing what he's going to sing each week.

Cece Frey, who almost went home last week, may be in trouble again this week.  She closed the show with a screechy, off pitch version of 'All By Myself.'  It was so bad Simon wished she'd sang the song, in a room all by herself.  Simon's group Lyric 145 and Arin Ray from Britney Spears' team may also be in trouble.  Lyric 145's Their 'We Will Rock You' 'E.T' mix was a mess and Arin still struggled after being in the bottom last week.

Two more will be sent home this week and my money is on Cece and Lyric 145.  Who do you think is going home?  Taylor Swift will perform on tonight's elimination show that starts at 8 on Fox.