It could be a banner day. The Westboro Baptist Church plans to picket outside Blake Shelton's concert tonight. I don't think these crazy people know who they're messing with. Blake and his fans may create quite scene.  I just hope someone catches it all on tape.

The two sides have already exchanged word on Twitter and it wasn't pretty.  Now the Westboro Baptist Church has created a video to Blake and Vince Gill.

A face to face confrontation could get even uglier.


Even though my money is on Blake and his fans, Westboro is supporting our story on Twitter.


Vince Gill Concert Picketed by Westboro Baptist Church NSFW [VIDEO]

Think Vince Gill is southern gentleman? That's probably a true thought, until he mixes it up with The Westboro Baptist Church picketing his show in Kansas City. Vince uses some choice language in the confrontation, so this may not suitable for work or young ears. Click to check it out.