At Big Frog 104, we like to put a positive foot forward every day (and sometimes we even put that positive foot in our mouths while on the air- hey, we're human). And when we take calls from you on contests or request hours, you're always pleasant too. A new study during the "Frog Days of Fall" indicates that on average, people nationwide are getting ruder. And of course, some guys make a living on being rude (not naming names, but the guy in the photo has done pretty well for himself with that attitude).

According to an AP-Ipsos poll, those interviewed indicated that they felt that people are generally 20 to 30 percent ruder than they were years ago. More urban people noted the increase in bad manners with 74 percent saying that people are ruder, while 64 percent of rural dwellers thought that people are nastier.

Wherever you live, bad manners are still bad manners, and a few common courtesies like a thank you, please, excuse me, or I'm sorry are still phrases we appreciate hearing.