During the "Frog Days Of Summer", many of us take a vacation week or two. And, then there's that coming back to work thing. Today is my first day back to Big Frog 104 after a vacation week, and I've noticed a few things...how much I forgot!

I don't think I'm alone when I say how everyday things that I do every day (that's why they're called everyday things) seem so foreign. So, I put together a list of things you may encounter after returning from a vacation week. If you're returning from two or more consecutive vacation weeks, forget it...you may have to go through on-the-job-training all over again.

Things you may encounter:

1. Not remembering your computer password

2. Not remembering how to log onto your work computer

3. Not remembering your voicemail password so you can't retrieve the 46 messages that are parked there

4. Answering your business phone by saying, "Hello" instead of the business name of your company

5. Finding your coffee cup with seven day old coffee and cream still sitting in it on your desk, where you left it when you dashed out your last day of work before vacation.

6. Stressing out because you realize you only have 4 vacation days left this year