Finding a job isn't easy these days.  But now, a study indicates that you can increase your chances of landing that job during the job interview, if you're wearing glasses!

"If you want to get an edge in landing work during these tough economic times, wear glasses to your job interviews. A new study by a college of optometrists shows that 43 percent of all adults believe glasses make people look more intelligent and one-third thinks that specs make people appear to be more professional. "The idea that intelligent people wear glasses is an old stereotype that has not gone away," explains psychology professor Cary Cooper. "It comes from the belief that you develop bad eyesight by reading a lot. " Although glasses do not really reflect brainpower, wearing them can change a person's attitude. "It is possible that some people have more self confidence and change their behavior when they put on glasses," notes Cooper. "And that, in itself, could improve their chances at a job interview." (National Examiner)