Taylor Swift's new song 'We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together' is breaking records.  It's the fastest selling song in iTunes history.  But for as many people that love the song, there may be just as many who hate it.

I've received a number of calls and emails from listeners who don't like the tune at all.  Many feel its immature for a 22 year old to be writing and it's the same things she's sang since she was 12.

Maybe its not the song.  My daughter found another version by Landon Austin and Peter Hollens who sing it with nothing more than their voices.  There is no drums, no guitar, no digital voice remastering. Just two guys with raw talent.  They deliver a version of 'We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together' that I actually enjoyed listening to.

Take a listen to both versions and you'll hear what I mean.  The same song sounds completely different.  Then vote on which version you prefer.

Taylor Swift will debut the real video for her new song Thursday on CMT MTV and VH1.

Landon & Peter

Taylor Swift