Having trouble remembering someone's name? Here's some tips and tricks, and proven ways, to remember someone's name. 

1) Say Their Name Three Times

According to science, saying something three times is proven to make it more memorable. I will always remember Beetlejuice that way.


2) Write Their Name Down

That's the how reason behind teachers making you take notes. It's proven that if you write something down, you will remember it. Take this idea to names. Also remember to sleep with the name under your pillow for a snow day, and to remember.


3) Ask A Friend

Always ask someone you may know, that may know this person. We don't live in a crazy society where you can't find someone who knows them. You have Facebook to look up names, and all sorts of tools to look up info.


4) Visualize The Person’s Name On Their Forehead

As soon as you learn the person’s name, visualize their name stamped in big block letters across their forehead.

Keep that mental picture on their forehead the entire time that person is in your presence."

This was a new one that I've never heard of!


5) Just Ask

Don't feel stupid. I'm sure the person probably forgot your name too. Just ask and avoid looking like a fool.


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