When your workday starts at 3 a.m., getting dressed in the morning can be challenging. You try to do so quietly and with limited lighting, lest you wake the rest of the family or the dog, who will then need to go out.  As this video proves, the results can be embarrassing.

I stopped for my morning Dunkin Donuts coffee and no one said anything.  It wasn't until I arrived at the station and walked into the studio that I noticed,"hey, this shirt is on inside-out."  Rather than admit I made a mistake, I decided to conduct a social experiment to see who would mention it.  The results were surprising.  Only 4 people mentioned it, 16 never said a word and 1 person mentioned they noticed but didn't want to embarrass me by saying something.

Have you ever gone out in public with a fashion faux paus?  Leave us us answer below. PLEASE, I'll feel better about myself.