Good 'Ol Charlie Brown like you've never seen him before, in 3-D.  For the first time in 35 years, a new 'Peanuts' movie is in the works.  The first teaser of the movie gives us a glimpse of what Chuck and Snoopy will look like.  Click to watch.

The trailer, which is more of a tease, uses the 'Star Wars Theme' to introduce a brief exchange between Charlie Brown and Snoopy that's light on plot details.  The movie is being written by Charles Schulz's son, Craig and grandson, Bryan.

 For the first time ever, Snoopy, Charlie Brown and the rest of the gang we know and love from Charles Schulz's timeless "Peanuts" comic strip will be making their big-screen debut; like they've never been seen before in a CG-Animated Feature film in 3D.


I wouldn't start standing in line for tickets just yet, the movie isn't scheduled for release until November 6, 2015.  According to Wikipedia, that would coincide with the 65th anniversary of the comic strip's debut, and 50th anniversary of the TV special, 'A Charlie Brown Christmas.'