Country fans are the most loyal fans in any genre of music and Jason Aldean has some loyal fans.  Holly Hazell is so loyal, she's been to almost ever show and Jason surprised her at the 100th concert in Tulsa Oklahoma.

Holly was brought on stage so Jason could thank her in person.  He also had a commemorative ticket made to honor the special occasion, that he of course signed, telling the crowd, 'I’ll be honest, I don’t like anybody that much; I’m just sayin'. But that’s a huge deal and so we got you a little present here, which is a ticket commemorating your 100th show, from us. Just want to say a huge thank you to you for the support, not only this year and the last couple years, but since day one.'

Holly has plenty more shows on the horizon since Jason is on tour through October.  We may even see her at SPAC August 11th.