In an interview with a Nashville TV station, George Jones' wife of 30 years, Nancy shares The Possums' final days.  Obviously she knew George Jones the man as well as the country music legend.  Nancy shares a side of George few knew.  Click to watch the interview and get details on how to watch his tribute funeral live.

In the interview with FOX 17 in Nashville Nancy describes the day the doctors gave them the news George was slipping away.  Watch the very emotional interview below.

 George wanted to be taken off everything except pain medication. He wanted to be alert for two very important conversations. "He wanted to see the preacher, so I brought our preacher and he wanted me to himself. We had a good 30 minute talk and told me eveyrthing to do."



It was already fitting that the funeral for the country music legend would be held at the Grand Ole Opry.  Now it looks like The Possum's memorial service will turn into a musical tribute with several of Nashville's biggest stars performing a musical tribute or at least saying a few words at the service. The station will also carry the Tribute Service live on their website beginning tomorrow morning at 11.