If you're looking to look up to the skies for the Eta Aquarid meteor shower here in Central New York, you may be disappointed. Much of the shower will not be visible in New York.

If you missed out on seeing Halley's Comet during its last Earth flyby in 1986, you can spot tiny pieces in the skies tonight and tomorrow with the Eta Aquarids meteor shower. The Eta Aquarids are usually the richest meteor shower for Southern Hemisphere observers, but north of the equator, here in Central New York, you won't see much.

According to Space.com, here in New York you will practically see zero of these meteors each hour. However, you will see something. Here in Central New York we get to see a special kind of meteor an "Earthgrazer".

Earthgrazers skim the top of Earth's atmosphere like a stone skipping across the surface of a pond. They appear when the radiant of a meteor shower is near the horizon, and meteoroids streak horizontally overhead rather than down through the sky."

You can also live stream the meteor shower above.