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Welcome to JAY-K Independent Lumber, Corp. JAY-K was founded in 1937 and through the decades has grown to be a full-service independent retail lumber and building materials business. We are proud of our independence and local roots, and are involved in many projects and activities that better the lives of our fellow community members.

We are family-owned, with a history dating back to 1937, when Joseph T. Kelly and Thomas Jones, partners in companies engaged in trash, garbage collection, and street cleaning in the City of Utica, founded JAY-K. We were originally located on Seneca Turnpike near the present main entrance to Sangertown Mall. The name JAY-K originated from the initials of the Co-Founders, who had previously been in various businesses under the names of “Jones and Kelly” and “Jonelly Contracting.” The “Independent” part of the name came from the fact that JAY-K was not a member of a monopoly or combine, which showed favoritism to select groups. In 1938 the business moved to its present location, a property that was owned by Joseph Kelly and had been used as a public swimming pool called Seneca Springs in the 30’s. In 1941, Mr. Jones sold his interest in the business to the Kellys, and branch lumberyards were opened in Sylvan Beach, Clinton and Mohawk, NY.

During WWII, JAY-K was engaged in defense work. Millwork shops in both New Hartford and Clinton made boxes for rifles produced by the Savage Arms Company and the Remington Arms Company. With the return of veterans to the workforce following the war, we expanded with the purchase of larger and more diverse trucks and updated buildings to handle mechanized operations.

In the late 40’s, as the business continued to grow and provide a family environment workplace for its employees, members of the Teamsters and Carpenters Union picketed JAY-K daily for 7 years in an attempt to organize. Outside delivery trucks were turned away, but both customers and employees remained loyal and business continued to expand. This loyalty led to the construction of a 5,000-square-foot store in 1959.

On November 11, 1972 Joseph Kelly died and was succeeded by his three sons, Kevin, Christopher and Stephen, as officers of JAY-K. We implemented the “drive-through” concept of retailing lumber with an improved yard and signage, becoming one of the first yards in the country to merchandise building materials using this method.

Over the next decade, we continued to improve with the installation of computers and the founding of Cabinet and Cupboards, Inc. to merchandise kitchen cabinets. Today JAY-K Cabinet, as it is now called, has stores in New Hartford and Syracuse.

Our success was threatened on August 25, 1978 when a fire destroyed the building used to store our millwork. Twelve volunteer fire companies worked diligently to bring the fire under control without any serious injuries. Throughout the night, dedicated employees cleaned and guarded the open yard. Due to wholehearted employee devotion, business continued as usual the next morning.

Throughout the 80’s rebuilding and expansion took place, as we added larger drive-through buildings, a building office, additional store space, a yard office and a drive-up window. During this time we also extended store hours to include Sundays. During the late 80’s, two important events left their mark on JAY-K. In 1988, we were voted “Business of the Year” by the Utica Area Chamber of Commerce, a recognition of which we are still proud. Sadly, in 1989 after a brief illness, Stephen Kelly passed away at the age of 45. Stephen will always be remembered for having the vision of what JAY-K is today.

Throughout the 90’s JAY-K received numerous awards, including “Retailer of the Year” by Building Supply Home Centers. We continued to make store and yard improvements, the Lighting Department was constructed, and in1997 we purchased Utica Paint and integrated it into the store.

With the retirement of Kevin and Christopher Kelly in 2000, their sons Dean and Jonas became the third generation to oversee JAY-K. As president and vice president respectfully, they took over store leadership in 2001 and reorganized with a new management team.

Today, top quality products and personal and professional service continue to be the mainstays of JAY-K. Contractors depend on us for high quality products, and retail customers depend on us for exemplary customer service. The community also depends on us for service, commitment and financial support, as exemplified by our donations to Oneida County Habitat for Humanity, the Stanley Theater Expansion Fund, the St. Elizabeth Hospital Emergency Wing expansion, the Miracle Home and other initiatives of Faxton/St. Luke’s Healthcare, and ongoing support of the United Way and numerous other local charitable organizations.

As we celebrate more than 70 years of community service, we remain grateful for continuing community recognition. In 2006 JAY-K was once again honored as “Business of the Year” by The Utica Area Chamber of Commerce, and also received a 2006 & 2007 FastTrack 50 Award. In November 2008 CNY Retail Lumber Dealers honored JAY-K as the retailer of the year.

As we continue to celebrate business success, we recognize and extend sincere appreciation to our dedicated employees and valued customers!

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