I have always been fascinated by anything about the Titanic. Whether it's books, TV documentaries or whatever. Now, there's a report that a violin which was played on the sinking ship that was recovered has been sold.

Matt Cardy, Getty Images News

Here are the details according to an article by By Marie-Louise Gumuchian, London on uk.reuters.com:

"(Reuters) - A violin that was being played as the Titanic went down was sold for 900,000 pounds ($1.46 million) at auction on Saturday, a record price for memorabilia from the doomed ocean liner.

Band leader Wallace Hartley played the instrument, trying to calm passengers as the ship slipped into the frozen waters of the North Atlantic in April 1912 after colliding with an iceberg during its maiden voyage from Southampton to New York.

Rediscovered in 2006, it took specialists such as forensic science experts years to authenticate the instrument.

However some people still doubt whether the violin is genuine, believing it could not have survived being submerged in sea water."