Seriously?!  Eat your heart out ladies.  'Skinny' Vinny Hickerson of Trailer Choir may not be the Biggest Loser, but he's 184 pounds lighter, has a new lease on life and he's planning a wedding with his new fiance.  And thats more than anything money can buy.

Vinny lost the at home $100,000 prize on last night's finale on NBC by 4 pound.  4 pounds!  He needed to lose more than 187 to win and weighed in at 242, with a loss of 184 pounds.  But what he gained is worth so much more than money.

I'm astounded by his determination, his work ethic, his commitment and his attitude.  Vinny, you've inspired so many people and made the country music community so proud. Check out more transformation pictures at NBC.

Move over Butter, there's a new hot guy in Trailer Choir.  The only question now, is can Vinny still do the worm on stage?  I can't wait to see it!  Maybe Trailer Choir needs to make a return trip to FrogFest next year to show off Vinny's new body and new moves.  They were planned to perform at this past FrogFest but had to cancel for Vinny to be on the show.

If missed Trailer Choir at our past FrogFest's, check out their performance in 2008.  What a difference.  Vinny doesn't even look like the same person who took the stage at Verona Beach State Park.  I watched the video again and continue to be amazed at the transformation.

Trailer Choir at FrogFest

The new season of 'The Biggest Loser' begins in just a few weeks.  Dolvett and Bob are back as trainers but with a new twist for the 'No Excuses' season.  Contestants will be paired up with a family member, but for the first time in Biggest Loser history, they will be training with different trainers and compete against each other.  Watch the preview for the new season of 'The Biggest Loser' starting January 3rd on NBC.

Biggest Loser Season 14 Preview