John Hughey was a true Nashville legend. A steel guitar virtuoso Hughey backed Conway Twitty for years before joing Vince Gill's back up band where he stayed for nearly 20 years. Now Vince has recorded a musical salute to Hughey, who died in 2007, and included it on his latest album "Guitar Slinger".  Vince says that Hughey's musical and personal story lent itself  perfectly to a country song.

"His nickname was Buttermilk John because he loved buttermilk and cornbread. His wife, Miss Jean, is one of the dearest souls that ever lived, and it was that love that they had for each other ... They stayed sweethearts their whole marriage, and they held hands everywhere they went. If John wanted to go to Walmart, Jean went with him. If Jean wanted to go somewhere, John would go with her. They were a beautiful couple. And she struggles everyday since he's been gone. There hasn't been one day that she doesn't go visit his grave. So I wrote that about them, to let her know that I loved John like she did."

via Vince Gill, 'Buttermilk John' -- Story Behind the Lyrics - The Boot.

Here is a video of Vince performing "Buttermilk John". A sweet song sung by terrific performer.