Katie Couric tried to make sense of the Manti Te'o scandal.  She interviewed the Notre Dame football star, who explains his phone calls with his 'supposed girlfriend' were more spiritual than sexual, since it would be weird to be sexual while she's in the hospital.  So is Manti gay?  Katie asked and Te'o's answer raised some heads.
Here's the clip of Katie asking if Manti is gay and Manti LAUGHING and saying, 'No. Far from it. Faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar from it.' And then he laughs again.  Overreaction to the question?  Sounds a little defensive.  If he was gay, this outrageous scandal could make a little more sense.

Manti says when RONAIAH Tuiasosopo apologized for the hoax, he told him there were three people in on it.