Jumping on the 50 Shades of Grey bandwagon, Victoria's Secret will feature a line of lingerie based on the steamy novels.  'Let your secrets stay secret,” is the new tag-line of the 50 Shades lingerie out just in time for Valentine's Day next year.

If that's not sexy enough to heat things up in the bedroom, there will also be a limited edition 'sex chocolate' released with the first shipment of underwear in the U.S.

There won't be any sneak peak of what the new line looks like.  Victoria’s Secret has vowed to keep the design as secret as possible.  So you'll just have to let your imagination run wild until February.  The same thing you've been doing since you picked up the first 50 Shades book.  But from the initial response, it looks like some designs may be too hot to handle

'Our focus groups responded well to initial screenings of our advertisement. So well, in fact, one of the men had to be taken to the emergency room for heart palpitations. He blamed it on a bad burger he had for lunch, but we know he couldn’t handle the suggestive imagery.'


If you haven't read the 50 Shades books, pick them up as a Christmas present to yourself.  You're husband will be so grateful, you may not have to buy him anything this year.  Your increased interest in the bedroom will be present enough.  By Valentine's Day he'll be rushing into Victoria's Secret to get your next gift. I wonder if it'll come with your set of handcuffs, blindfold and crop whip.