A police officer is never off-duty. Justin Rogers, a California cop, was on his way home from a vacation in Hawaii when he came to the rescue of a TSA worker. The female TSA worker was being attacked when Rogers jumped the security tape, in his sock feet, and tackled the other woman to the ground before handcuffing her.  The entire incident was caught on the airport's surveillance camera. 

The attacker is said to be a homeless woman who was just wandering the airport. She became aggressive when the TSA worker wouldn't let her through a security line meant for employees. She was arrested and charged with assault. I'm sure she's hurting a little too after that body slam to the floor.  That cop wasn't messing around.

A TSA spokesperson told ABCNews.com, 'TSA salutes Pinole, Calif., Police Officer Justin Rogers for his swift actions after coming to the aid of a TSA officer who was being assaulted.'

Hero, Justin Rogers and his family still managed to make their flight home. All in a days work for a police officer.

Source: Yahoo, ABC