It won't be long now, vacation season is on the way. We're fortunate here in central New York being close to so many lakes, campgrounds and dozens of summer attractions. But, if you're planning a "Get Out Of Dodge" getaway, that requires some planning.
Here are a few suggestions that have helped me plan that out-of-town vacation:

1. Take a map - It's always good to have a map of where you're going in the glove compartment.

2. Make sure your car tires are properly inflated (it's safer and saves gas).

3. Make sure your car is in tip-top shape; so get that oil change before you go.

4. If you're headed to somewhere you've never been to, check out some of the online mapping services (mapquest comes to mind).

4. If you're an AAA member, make sure you bring your card, and members can ask them to map out the trip.

5. Get Travelers Checks (ok, ok, I know, most people use plastic these days, but I guess I am hardwired with that message from Karl Malden "Don't leave home without them" and I never do).

6. Don't forget the cell phone charger!

7. Bring food for the car trip (it saves a lot of moola on those fast food stops).

8. Make a list of what to bring the night before (You don't want to go sit on the beach and realize that you left the sunscreen at home on the kitchen table).

9. Bring an extra set of car keys (hey, you never know).

10. Have fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!