It's pure coincidence that the National Day of Prayer is happening so soon following the death of Osama bin Laden, although it may mean more people get involved.  Mike Buckley, Executive Director of the Good News Center is helping organize the Utica event and was a guest on WIBX's 1st Look.  He says the September 11th terrorist attacks brought more people back to church and helped unify the country.  He says the end of bin Laden may do the same thing. 

The National Day of Prayer was designated by congress in 1952 to be the first Thursday in May.  All denominations are represented at the event which will be held in three locations.  Utica and Rome will hold a prayer breakfast at 7:30.  The locations are Hart's Hill Inn in Whitesboro and The Lake Delta Conference Center. In Ilion, The First Baptist Church will hold a prayer lunch at noon.  Tickets will be available at the door of all locations or can be purchased in advance here.