The Utica area has produced a number of great talents from Will Smith (NFL Defensive Player), to Leon And Romy (AGT Finalists), and more. Now one more can be added to the list and her name is Trisha LaFache. Trisha grew up in Utica, NY and moved to New York City for Law School. While attending Brooklyn Law School, she would also be auditioning for and working in film, television, and theater. Some of her early credits include an ESPN mini-series called "The Bronx is Burning." Some of the featured films she has been in are Kelly in "Garden State," Taylor in "The Secret," and her most recent Major Motion Picture is doing extremely well at the Box Office and is called "God's Not Dead." Trisha currently lives in L.A. and teaches at one of the most reputable acting studios in Los Angeles.

When she got offered the part in her most recently released project, "God's Not Dead," she really didn't think it would be anything. When I asked her about the film she told me,

I liked the character, I thought it would be really difficult but I felt like I had a strong take on it when I read the script. And they said it was going to shoot for 3 1/2 weeks in New Orleans so I thought that sounded good.

The film has been in select theatres, including the Marquee Cinemas in New Hartford, for 4 weeks now. In it's first week the movie made a total of $12,953,018. Currently in it's 4th week it has grossed $35,357,312. The movie also features "Duck Dynasty" stars Willie Robertson and his wife Korie, Dean Cain, and Kevin Sorbo. It is a movie about a college student who's faith gets tested by his philosophy professor. Trisha's character in this film is Amy Ryan.

Here's a description of the character Amy Ryan according to LaFache:

I play a reporter who has a very popular blog. She is a liberal & a theist. She is dating a venture capitalist played by Dean Cain. My character gets some very bad news about her medical condition & is unceremoniously dumped by Cain. At which point she is pretty much left to deal with a terminal illness alone. She confronts Willie & Korie Robertson as well as the band The Newsboys about their Christian beliefs. In the scene with the Newsboys they notice that she is in pain & she reluctantly reveals her medical condition to them.

Here's a trailer for the film in which Trisha is in a scene with The Robertson's:

Here Are Some Photos Of Trisha In "God's Not Dead"

YouTube via GodsNotDeadTheMovie

The Photo Below Is The Scene With The Robertson's

YouTube via GodsNotDeadTheMovie
YouTube via GodsNotDeadTheMovie
YouTube via GodsNotDeadTheMovie

All professional actors have a DEMO Reel, which shows clips from films that they've been in. Here is Trisha's:


"God's Not Dead" is still currently showing at the Marquee Cinemas in New Hartford. Just go to their website for all the movie times. It's always awesome when someone from our area goes off into the world and does something like this. Central New York has TALENT!