After their run on 'America's Got Talent' and winning Worlds Best Magician in Paris, Utica Illusionist Leon Etienne and Romy were welcomed home at Sangertown Square. The crowd was the first to hear the duo will bring their show to the Stanley Theater February 1st.  Tickets go on sale November 1st. 

'Leon Etienne Coming to Stanley Theater'

Leon & Romy were cut from 'America's Got Talent' before coming back as judge Howard Stern's wild card choice.  Ironic, since Stern was the one who wasn't a fan of their act that ended with host Nick Cannon in the box. #NickInABox was even trending on Twitter after their act.  Leon & Romy said Nick didn't agree to be a part of act until 4 hours before show time.

'Leon Etienne & Romy Talk America's Got Talent'

Leon & Romy took questions from the audience.  From how Leon gets his hair to stand up like that, to advice for children wanting to get into magic.

'Leon & Romy Take Audience Questions'

After Leon & Romy took pictures and signed autographs for every fan waiting in line, they treated us to a few card tricks.  He even showed everyone how every card trick works.  I watched VERY closely and still didn't figure out how he did it!

Card Tricks

What a pleasure it was to spend more time with Leon & Romy. There are two of the nicest, most humble people I've met.  They appreciated every fan who stopped by and thanked everyone for their support.  Leon even remembered his little league coach, who stopped by.  A man he hadn't seen since he was 12.

Check out photos from the event including all the meet & greet pictures.

Utica Illusionist Leon Etienne on Jimmy Fallon