Residents of Lake Placid are starting to worry about the fact, USA Luge CEO Jim Leahy, will soon address a board of directors as to whether or not he feels the Olympic training facility in the Adirondacks should remain the team's headquarters. That has been the central spot for all things Luge since it's opening in 1932.

The news first came out in May of last year, when USA Luge began to invite other cities to have the chance to host them. According to an article on The Lake Placid News website,

We hope a venue investment announcement comes before USA Luge's May 14 meeting. Yet, as the days slip away with no word from the governor, we are slowly losing faith in his commitment to the future of New York's role in the Olympic Movement, which began in Lake Placid with the 1932 Winter Games.

Many in the Utica area are arguing that this is one more reason that the railway from Utica to Lake Placid remains in tact and receives an update. If the headquarters leave then efforts to draw in tourism will become a little more difficult.

Dave Wheeler/TSM

Don't forget, Lake Placid is truly an incredible place. Take the Olympic element out of the equation and look at the simple beauty of the lake, mountains, restaurants, and lodging. It's the perfect destination for a romantic Summer weekend getaway, or a skiers winter dream come true. Let's hope it is realized how important, not only historically, but financially the headquarters stay right where they are.

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