OK, when someone says you "must read" this or "must see" that, you may ask, "What happens if I don't"? Having said that, years ago, my wife gave me the book, "Big Russ & Me: Father And Son: Lessons Of Life", a closeup look at the father and son relationship between the late Tim Russert of NBC "Meet The Press" fame and his dad, "Big Russ". With Father's Day this Sunday, what a great dad book, and such an easy read. I took it on our vacation that year and read the whole thing on the beach in three days.

Tim Russert was from Buffalo, and he even a mentions Utica in his book. If dad likes to read, that's the book you might want to give him.

A year later, my family gave me Tim Russert's follow-up book, "Wisdom of Our Fathers: Lessons and Letters from Daughters and Sons". This book is based on real letters written by sons and daughters about lessons in life that they learned from their fathers. Have a handkerchief nearby when you read this one. It's a wonderful look at how smart our dads were, even if we didn't think so at the time.

Watch this video of Tim Russert and his dad, Big Russ describing their relationship.