There may be less celebrities left on 'Dancing With the Stars,' but there's more work to do. Last night it was the return of the instant dance. After each star finished their individual dance, they had to pick their music live, and learn a dance to it in 20 minutes. The pressure seemed to get to everyone but J.R. Martinez, who turned in not one, but two perfect dances.

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    JR & Karina

    Perfect Waltz

    Before JR even hit the dance floor, his goal was to get the first perfect score of the season. A high expectation after falling to 4th place last week. His waltz was soft, sophisticated and perfect. Score: 10, 10, 10

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    JR & Karina

    Instant Dance

    The dreaded instant dance was no sweat for JR. He followed up his perfect waltz with an energetic jive, to 'Tutti Frutti.' 20 minutes seemed to be long enough to get the dance perfect. He and Karina scored another perfect 30 Score: 10, 10, 10