If turning 40 is this much fun, I'd want to be 40 every year. Getting a personalized birthday card from Keith Urban was just the beginning of a weekend long celebration. 

Friday we enjoyed dinner with friends and family at one of my favorite restaurants; Mitsuba's hibachi grill.  The food is always delicious and the service is even better.


Since it was my birthday, I had to dance; a tradition at Mitsuba.  Luckily it was late in the evening, so there weren't many people there to see me, and I got to wear the cool dragon head.

Saturday was a party that included a tiara, a 40 and fantastic sash and the biggest glass I've ever seen.


Since I received several gifts from my loving husband Friday, I didn't expect his last surprise...


I'm going skydiving; something I've wanted to so since I was 16!  Who's with me?

The weekend was so good, I'm still feeling a little rough two days later.