Montgomery Gentry is back.  The boys released 'Rebels On The Run,' their first new album in three years.  Troy Gentry took the time in his busy schedule to talk about their new music, new record label and what the future holds for Montgomery Gentry.

Since the CD hit stores, Troy says he and Eddie have been on the go, non-stop.

'We've been very busy but very excited to have a new album and new music out.'

'Rebels On the Run' is on a new record label which Troy says has helped them be more creative.

'the new relationship with Average Joe Records has been fantastic.  They've given us our creative freedome back.  They told us, y'all know what you do best, so go out and make Montgomery Gentry music and bring it back to us.'

That explains why the new music sound like the old Montgomery Gentry.

'This is old school Montgomery Gentry.  I love the vibe of the album and having the extra time during the transition to go out and find the right songs that represent where you're at in life helps, instead of being rushed to throw something together.'

So does Troy have a favorite song on the new album?

'all the songs are special in their own right, but one of my favorites is My So Called Life,' since its my daughters favorite.  We have a lot of fun singing the song together in the car.  Watching her enjoy the song makes me like it even more.'

Montgomery Gentry wrote 3 of the songs on the album but Troy says a great song is a great song, no matter who writes it.

'Eddie and I love to sing songs everyone can identify with.  We want to show our appreciation for the working man so the whole record represents something of Montgomery Gentry and the working class people.'

Montgomery Gentry always likes to think outside the box, so Troy says they decided to give away a custom motorcycle to one fan who buys the CD.

'We thought it'd be cool to coincide the album release with a motorcycle giveaway.  We got talking about the golden ticket idea in Willie Wonka, and giving away the custom bike to one lucky winner.  It's a new twist on an album release and I don't think anyone else has done anything like this.'

So what does the future hold for Montgomery Gentry?  They've been through a lot lately.  Eddie has battled cancer, been through a divorce and the guys have changed record labels. 

'Eddie & I hope to continue recording great music and being on stage performing.  Thats what we love to do.  The recent events just put things into perspective of what life can throw you at any given moment.'

'Rebels on the Run' is in stores now and you can hear their first single off the album, 'Where I Come From' on Big Frog 104, or watch the video below. 

Polly Wogg's interview with Troy Gentry