What a difference a few months and a lot of determination can make.  Big Vinny of Trailor Choir will have to change his name.  He's lost over 100 pounds on NBC's 'The Biggest Loser' and he's not done yet.  Vinny lasted until makeover week and boy did he get a make over.  No more overalls for Vinny.  He looks great!  Check out the behind the scenes video from makeover week.

Makeover Week Behind The Scenes

Now Vinny heads back home to Tennessee to continue his journey.  We'll get to see the reaction of his family & friends on this weeks episode.  And it looks like Vinny will continue to make changes in his life.  The preview for tonight's show has Vinny on the Grand Ole Opry stage with his girlfriend, on one knee, with a little black box in his hand.  Watch tonight's preview below.

Tonight, the elimated contestants will also be back to run a marathon.  The race winner automatically makes it to the finals and wins $25,ooo.  Tune in to NBC tonight to see all the action.

Vinny will be back to weigh in to see who makes the finals and a chance to win the $250,ooo grand prize.

Tonight's Biggest Loser Preview