There's no time like the present.  Since we've had such unusually nice weather in March, I thought I'd get a jump start on training for the Tour de Cure June 3rd.  Since I haven't been on a bike in 15+ years I thought I'd go slow to start. I wouldn't want to ruin the bike Dan at Schuss Ski & Bike Shop gave me the first day.

As I was pedaling down our lane and trying to stay on the bike, I remembered my conversation with Big Vinny of Trailer Choir, who told me how to motivate myself.

'You have to find your reason why.  Anything you do in life, you have to find your reason.  You're goal here is to help as many people as you can who have diabetes, and I appreciate that because I had Type 2 diabetes.  I was able to overcome that with all the weight loss.  But this is a huge thing.  This is something that helps get people what they need and the money that goes into research.  Because there is no cure for other types of diabetes.  Maybe this will show people to keep pushing.  You got to get out there and move.  So find your reason why.'

My reason is my late father in law who had diabetes.  My reason is Big Vinny, who had Type 2 diabetes before going on the Biggest Loser. If he can lose almost 200 pounds I can ride 15 miles, despite my fear of bikes. When I told Vinny my last bike ride ended in the emergency room with a concussion, his response rang so true with me. 'Now is your time to go back and kick the bike's butt.  This is revenge.  You have to face it and you have to defeat the bike.  You can't let the bike win.' Vinny knows there's nothing I hate more than losing.  Another reason to ride. 'There you go.  And you're reason is you're going to discover how much better you can become.'

I'm also hoping with all this training to become someone who can bounce quarters off their backside. What woman doesn't want a tight butt.  Of course Vinny's in 'dang, well you just call me when it's time to do that because I want to bounce some too.'

Vinny may be diabetes free after losing all his extra weight and changing his eating habits, but he knows people who are affected by Type 1 diabetes.  It was those people who ran through my thoughts as the riding got tougher, my legs started to burn and my butt went numb. 'My buddy Issac Rich, who actually John's little brother, has Type 1 diabetes and he's had it as long as he's been alive.  He has to give himself 4 shots a day in the stomach.  You know its a hard thing to deal with and he'd give anything not to have that.'

The Tour de Cure is not only about the American Diabetes Association raising awareness on the disease it also about raising funds for research to hopefully, one day, find a cure, something near and dear to Vinny's heart. 'I love anything that's trying to find a cure for something that's incurable.   It gives hope to people. We put a man on the moon, we do a lot of those things.  Those are all great feats but whatever we can solve right here on earth is a good thing too.'

So I'll continue to push through the burning muscles and the numb butt and concentrate on those affected and can't ride.  I'll continue to give myself a reason why and I'll continue to ask for your help.  If you have a reason to riden you can join the 'Pedalin with Polly Wogg' team or you can donate in honor of your reason to support the American Diabetes Association. Every dollar counts.

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