Trailer Choir's Big Vinny Hickerson doesn't want to be 'rockin' the beer gut' anymore.  Vinny who tips the scale at 426 pounds is taking part in the new season of NBC's 'The Biggest Loser' which begins tonight at 8. 

In Vinny's 'Meet the Cast' video he talks about gaining weight at the age of 9.  He grew up with an abusive father and was at 300 pounds by grade 8.  Vinny's goal is to be a solid 250 pounds by the end of the season.  He also wants to be able to take his fiance's son back to Universal Studios where he couldn't get on the Harry Potter ride because he weighed too much.

Vinny says he's on the show because he's tired of hearing compliments with a catch.  'You're so agile for a big guy or you dance so good for a big guy.'  Vinny doesn't want the 'asterik by his name anymore.'  He just wants to hear 'you move great, you dance great or you look great.'  Vinny still wants to be the big guy, but the big guy with a 'big heart, big fun and big personality.' 

You'll be able to keep track of Vinny's experience.  He'll chronicle his 'Biggest Loser' journey in a new blog with his first entry tomorrow.

Good luck Vinny.  Soon we'll start calling you Skinny Vinny.