An electrical malfuntion is to blame for the fire that destroyed Trace Adkins' Brentwood Tennessee home.  A statement on Trace's website says an overheated or loose electrical connection in a power strip under a workbench in the garage is to blame.  Several fire investigators spent hours combing through what was left of the home to find a cause. 

Trace's wife Rhonda tweeted "the fire was started from a $10 power strip."  She also sent out a "thank you to the Brentwood police and fire department and to the Red Cross."  Brentwood sent its entire fire department - even off-duty firefighters - to battle the flames.

No dollar amount has been put to the damage as yet, but the house is said to be a total loss.

Neither Trace or his wife were at home when the fire broke out, but their two youngest daughters were there and escaped with the family pets unharmed.  Rhonda was just minutes from home when the fire started, while Trace was flying to Alaska for concerts this week.  Those shows are still on.  He's slated to perform in Fairbanks Wednesday and Anchorage Thursday.