Christmas came early to the Stanley Theater with Trace Adkins and his special guest, Lily Costner.

Trace's Christmas show was more like a play as Trace gave the history of each song from his 'The Kings Gift' album. I don't know what was more enjoyable, Trace's smooth voice singing Christmas songs or his dry wit as he talked about each song and it's origin. If church was as enjoyable as Trace's sermon, I wouldn't miss a Sunday.


He opened the show by going through his Christmas album collection.  From Justin Bieber, which he quickly threw back, to Blake Shelton, which he also threw back.  He ended with Mel Torme and his classic 'The Christmas Song,' which is the song he opened with.

Kevin Costner's daughter Lily also joined Trace on stage to sing 'Silent Night.'  She must have gotten her talent from her dad.  That girl can sing.  The album version of the song includes both Kevin and Lily Costner singing with Trace.

Before the show we had the opportunity to talk with Trace about what to expect at the show. 'Don't come in here expecting Badonkadonk' he said. It was all about Christmas and his 'The Kings Gift' Celtic carols.

When asked how he got Kevin Costner to sing on his album, he shared a story about Costner at the Opry.  'One of the funniest things I ever saw was Kevin Costner about to go on stage and he was terrified. He was about to pee himself. I just looked at him and said 'dude, Dances with Wolves.' But he was just terrified to go on stage and sing.'

For the ladies, I asked Trace if he wore boxer or briefs and he broke out into the K-Mart 'Show You Joe' dance. That's right ladies, I got to dance with Trace and learned he wears boxers.

Enjoy the interview as well as pictures and video from the show.

'The Christmas Song'

 Trace Adkins & Lily Costner 'Silent Night'

Trace Adkins Interview