As the Tour de Cure gets closer, we're focusing on those affected by diabetes.  I'm riding for Trailer Choir's Big Vinny, my later father in law and my uncle Christopher, who I just found out Easter weekend, also has the disease.  But who are you, or will you be riding for?

Shelly Santmier, who just joined the 'Pedallin' With Polly Wogg' team is riding for her dad David who was 35 when he was diagnosed.  Here's her story:

'He fought a very long road until he was 62 and just passed away in February. When he was diagnosed they didn't have a cause as to why? On January of 1999 he started dialysis for kidney failure and went thru many test.  Doctors concluded he had gotten agent orange during the vietnam war, which lead him to get diabetes. He was on dialysis for 13 years when he passed. The last 2 months of his amazing life he was also diagnosed with sclerosis of the liver. He suffered 3 heart attacks in the last 2 weeks of his life. He had a very long road and fought his diabetes every day. He was a very strong man. I can not imagine what he went thru every day. He inspires me every day to keep going and keep fighting. We miss him every day. But know he fought for us!'

Do you know someone with diabetes?  Share your story.  Send details and a picture of the person you know with diabetes to  You may be surprised to know the number of famous people who also have diabetes.

There's still time to sign up to ride in the Tour de Cure.  Join the 'Pedallin' With Polly Wogg' team.  We're up to 10 riders so far.  Raise $150.00 or more and ride 15 miles from Verona Beach State Park June 3rd to help fight diabetes.  Can't ride, you can still help by donating to the cause and we've got great raffle prizes, as our way to say thanks for contributing.  Remember, every dollar counts.

$10 donation – 1 raffle ticket
$25 donation – 3 raffle tickets
Click HERE to donate

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